There’s no getting away from it. Bathroom floors get wet, and that will affect your choice of flooring. The traditional and most obvious choice is ceramic tiles, but there are other modern flooring options to consider, if you’re not a fan of grouting!


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Ceramic, stone and porcelain tiles

It’s obvious why tiles have become the go to choice for bathroom floors – they’re durable, easy to clean and waterproof. There’s a huge range of styles and colours to choose from and you can easily create a unique look. Porcelain tiles are the best choice as they’re extra durable. However, natural stone tiles will need to be sealed and, despite their good looks, aren’t always the best choice for a bathroom. Always opt for non-slip tiles for bathroom floors to avoid accidents.

Opt for vinyl

If you don’t fancy having to keep grout lines clean, vinyl sheet flooring can offer a completely moisture proof barrier, particularly when it’s laid in one piece for a seamless and modern look. One great alternative to ceramic tiles are luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) which can accurately mimic wood or stone finishes. High quality vinyls are waterproof, with mould and mildew inhibitors.

Wood flooring for a bathroom: the pros and cons

Wood is an increasingly on trend style for bathroom flooring, thanks to its natural beauty. However, using solid wood flooring is not the best choice for an area of high humidity as boards will warp and can harbour allergens, mould and mildew.

Instead, choose quality laminate flooring that is rated for bathroom use, from a supplier like You’ll enjoy all the beauty of wood, or even ceramic tiles, with none of the drawbacks. Just ensure you mop up any puddles as quickly as possible, and you’ll enjoy the beauty of wood in your bathroom without any of the drawbacks.

Concrete for the minimalist look

Concrete is becoming increasingly popular as a material for modern interiors, and it can be a smart choice for a bathroom floor. Concrete is easy care, durable and will last a lifetime if properly sealed and maintained. Concrete can be dyed and polished to create a contemporary effect ideal for the minimalist bathroom. Beware, this is not a good choice when there are children or elderly people using the bathroom, as concrete can be slippery when wet.