If you are planning on going abroad this summer, it is very likely that you will stumble across a glorious sandy beach at some stage of your trip. Some people choose to lie on the beach for hours trying to get a golden tan, whilst others are simply passing through with the kids. No matter what your reason is for being on the beach, it’s worth knowing how to stay cool. It can be easy to let yourself get all hot and bothered under the sun, but this can lead to extreme fatigue, headaches and other health problems, especially if you stay out in the sun too long. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay cool on the beach:

How to Stay Cool on the Beach

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Makeup. What Makeup?

If you thought you were going to get away with a full face of makeup on the beach, you’ve been sadly mistaken. We all know the hassle of having to top up our makeup on holidays. Between the sun and the heat, our foundation basically melts off our faces, leaving us looking patchy and tired as a result. In cases like this, less is more. Take this opportunity to try and gain some sun kissed skin of your own. If you just can’t live without your makeup though, try using a Sombrilla shade tent. According to Mom Tastic, these tents can be easily carried in your handbag and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Maxi Skirts and Dresses

Maxi skirts or dresses are ideal beach-wear. They flow nicely and will leave you feeling as light as a feather. Make sure to choose one that isn’t going to trip you up though! Choose bright colours such as white, blue or pink etc. to add an extra bit of jest into your outfit. You can pair the skirt with a pair of comfortable sandals and a hat to help keep your scalp free from sunburn.

Try a Shirt

If you plan on going for a swim, you may wish to put on something light over your bikini if it gets a little chilly. The perfect option, according to the Telegraph is a light cotton shirt that will act as an “elegant concealment from any sun-burn mishaps”. The best part about a shirt is the fact that you can leave it next to you when you don’t feel like wearing it, or better yet, stuff it in your beach bag for your time of need.


It is going to be way to hot on the beach to wear those last-minute jeans you packed. Instead, switch these for a pair of women’s designer jeans or light jeggings from Cuba, which will be a lot more comfortable on the beach.