Bouquets are key to any wedding. After the dress they are the thing everyone will be admiring, so getting the perfectly designed bouquet for both bride and bridesmaids is a major part of planning for your big day. Your bouquet should reflect you as an individual. So what’s the secret to the perfect floral fusion?

The Secret to Perfectly Designed Bouquets

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Shades, Season, Style

These are the three things you should take into consideration when designing your perfect bouquet. Firstly you should think about the shades you want, picking a dominant colour and maybe two or three secondary colours which will contrast without clashing. Everyone has a preference, so you may already have a colour theme in mind.

Remember that your bouquet should complement your dress and the bridesmaids’ gowns, bringing out their colour without overpowering them. Once you’ve decided on your palette, a good florist will be able to advise you on the best in-season blooms within that colour scheme, or you could do the research yourself through sites such as the Royal Horticultural Society.

Whether your wedding day is in spring, summer, autumn or winter, there are always plenty of bright flowers and herbs crying out to be included. Even in the depths of winter, a bouquet containing sprigs of holly with their bright red berries can add as big a splash of colour as the most showy summer florals.

Equally important is the style you’re going for – if your after a vintage wedding, for example, then look at interesting ways to tie your bouquet or quirky little ways you can embellish it. A collection of peach and pink coloured roses looks fantastic studded with some vintage jewellery and tied with some soft, pastel-coloured ribbon. If you’re after a more rustic look, tying your bouquet with rough string or coarse grasses can help create that ‘freshly picked’ vibe.

Seeking Inspiration

There’s plenty of bouquet inspiration to be found online, with websites such as Style and the Bride offering galleries to get your creative juices flowing and About Flowers providing tips on trends to help you create that perfect bouquet. Finding the ideal pairing of bouquet and beautiful wedding dress designs is key to styling your wedding, so take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

Once you have the dress and the bouquet, you’ll find everything else simply falls into place.