Although increasingly complex algorithms are generated not change the password for your router WiFi has by default enables others to access your network and enjoy your free Internet connection. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change both the WiFi network name and password. Here we teach you how.

Today there are many programs (both computer and mobile) that allow deciphering the key to a WiFi network. Usually, they based on known and easy to obtain combinations that have to do with the algorithms used in the routers that our Internet access provider gives us by giving us high.

So whether you suspect someone is connecting to your WiFi network without your permission or simply want to avoid surprises and your connection speed display ballasted, the first thing to do is to always choose a new name for our network and create a secure password.

Access your router from a web browser

Although the process may vary depending on the router you have and Internet access operator to provide the service we generally will access the router by opening your web browser and typing the address “”. Of course, we must be currently connected to the same WiFi network we want to manage, because otherwise it would not work.

At that time, we will see the login screen and have to enter the user and password default. This information can lend directly to your operator or even may come on a sticker on the back or back of the router.

The most common are that the login and password are in either case “admin” or even just the vendor name. If you have questions, you can also find this information on the Internet, informing on how to access your router introducing the specific model name.

Renames and choose the level of protection of your WiFI

Once inside the router interface, find the option that allows you to configure your WiFi network. The road varies greatly from one model to another, but usually not difficult to find. When you see a field identified as WiFi network or SSID, then you have found the name of your network. Choose the one you like and go, from the time when looking for a WiFi network available, will distinguish by that name.

The next step is to choose the level of protection. If you have this option, we recommend you choose WPA2, because it is a lot safer than other protocol used previously used as WPA or WEP, considered weak and vulnerable.

Choose a secure password

Now you just have to choose the password. Maybe your router is able to generate a complex password automatically, but in that case, we recommend that at least change one letter or add a number to not match the key generated by the algorithm in question.

However, it is best to choose a password that contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters interspersed and, if possible, do not make sense. But if you want to easily remember the password for your WiFi, as you can resort to some tricks like inserting an asterisk between some of the letters, replace vowels similar numbers (for example, an “E” becomes a “3 “) or increase the complexity of the sentence by adding something that makes the length is greater.

After this, apply the changes and wait a few seconds to change your router password. At that time, you must reconnect to the WiFi network, using the new name and password you just created. It may be a tedious process, but with this simple step will put it more difficult for foreign friends. Visit for more tips and ideas.